3 ways to generate considerable income from your blog

Blogging can quickly go from passion to profession. Every day, millions of people decide to share their thoughts on the web. Offering more guarantees and freedom than social networks, blogs are anything but extinct. Do you have a subject that you are passionate about and that you can talk about for hours? Are you the proud owner of a digital newspaper? Do you want to generate income with your pen? If you answered yes every time, you've come to the right place.

In this article you will learn 3 ways to live from your blog.

1/ Making sponsored articlesHated

by some, deified by others, sponsored articles make the rain and shine on the blogosphere. A sponsored article is a post written at the request of a brand. Of course, in exchange for this gain in visibility, the blogger is remunerated either in kind, cash or a combination of both.

Writing sponsored articles is still the surest way to earn money with a blog. When micro blogs can receive around 20 euros per article, those registering thousands of views per month can easily be compensated up to several hundred euros.

2/ Sell products via your blogSuppose

you are a blogger specializing in urban fashion for these gentlemen. Every day, you receive hundreds of compliments for your outfits.

Very often, by private messaging or in comments, you are asked where to find such clothes. In an effort to help your community, you're happy to point them to different shops where they can get the items. Imagine for a second that instead of shopping in a store, they buy from you instead? How many items do you recommend each month? Put your credibility to good use by developing an online sales component from your blog. Very easy to set up, it's a simple way to get paid for your hard work.

3/ Use AffiliationThis

is about recommending products and earning a commission on each sale made thanks to you. Generally, the percentage received by the intermediary, i.e. you, is 5%. On digital products, it can go up to 50%.

Another parameter to take into account is the conversion rate, i.e. the number of people who choose to buy after visiting your website. 1st a conversion rate in the average. Assuming that every day 100 people visit your blog.

In this audience, 1 person decides to buy. The item you recommend is a suede jacket worth 250 euros. This sale will therefore bring you: 100 x 1% = 1 x (250x5%) = 12.5 euros. Per month, this can be interesting if you have a qualified audience.

Don't write to please everyone, only those who share the same values as you.

Sheila Salmans
Sheila Salmans

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