Economy: how the world of work is changing with the digitalization of business

This year there have been so many news of interest in the economic and financial sector that have upset the ordinary conception of work, in fact, the process of digitalization that has been going on for 30 years, is increasingly affecting the global economy and the market. Every sector has been overwhelmed by digital marketing, which has now become a compulsory step for every business, shop, vendor and entrepreneur, who have had to adapt to these specific market needs. Today you can build your business from home with just a click, a sign of the times, but also of a process that in the last 10 years has undergone a very rapid and complex evolution.During the lockdown, numerous financial and economic expert sites reported statistics showing a steady increase in eCommerce sales, while online shopping was being done for the first time even by the most wary users. In spite of an extraordinary and unpredictable situation, the global pandemic and the consequent lockdown, the data and forecasts of 2021 already reported and predicted for the future, a conspicuous increase in the use of the internet for online buying and selling of goods and services.

In short, nothing new and forecasts respected. The process that is digitalizing the world of business, is still in place, and there are many features and its advantages and disadvantages.The digitized marketDigital marketing was born from a need to exploit the multi-channel resources that the web offers, such as social networks, corporate websites and blogs, large market places and video platforms. Today, small and medium-sized businesses, but also large companies, have a company page on the most used social networks to promote their products, interact online with users and guarantee them better, faster and more reliable services. The new digitized economy is continuing to make changes to the classic lifestyle and especially in the world of work, with the use of smart working and the use of Web resources to sponsor products or services.

There are, however, a number of pros and cons that arise from this process of change from a physical to a digitized market, here are what they are.Advantages and disadvantages of online shoppingOnline shopping has shown that it is indifferent to the economic crisis and has managed to overcome it on several occasions. This year, as in the past, during the economic crisis triggered by the lockdown, the digital market continued to bill and more and more users bought online. Online shopping allows you to shop 7 days a week at any time of the day, moreover, the prices of products and services offered online are much lower than in physical stores. Each user has the opportunity to buy by interfacing in a global market, choosing the good or service with the best value for money.

In order not to incur in frauds or in the purchase of shoddy goods, it is necessary to rely only on the safest market places, otherwise it is possible to suffer theft of sensitive data, fraud and money theft. Another disadvantage is definitely not being able to touch the goods.Advantages and disadvantages of eCommerceeCommerce allows a business to have a presence on the web and sell nationally and internationally. Through social media marketing, it is possible to keep customers updated on new products coming out, offer discounts, dialogue with them with a direct interaction, receive feedback and evaluations. The Web allows you to share content of interest to a specific target audience: columns, reviews, product sheets, videos and articles.

For any enterprise and company the advantages are many, the disadvantages, however, certainly concern the greater number of competitors present on a global scale. Another negative factor concerns the possibility of being able to contain sales prices and earn, to achieve this, you need to buy quality goods at an advantageous price.The new digital economy and virtual business innovationThe digital economy definitely has more advantages than disadvantages, in fact, the multimedia world has first influenced people's behavior, turning them into users with social networks, and then it has offered many possibilities to digitize business and exploit all the channels of information sharing.The world of work has been enveloped by the digitization process, which has also come to a good point, and the virtual business has more and more weight in the real economy. This innovation has changed the concept of shopping by making it online shopping, but also the habits of sellers, as through eCommerce, they are able to save on certain operating expenses, such as rent, storage and even the use of employees. Between advantages and disadvantages, digital innovation in the world of business is now undeniable and is increasingly taking a large slice of the global market, not only virtual but also real.

Sheila Salmans
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