How to limit anxiety attacks using natural remedies


is an often underestimated psychological disorder, usually caused by high levels of stress and characterised by excessive fears and apprehensions, generated directly by one's own mind and, therefore, not real. Basically, anxiety causes unjustified fears and progressively distorts the perception of a wide range of stimuli coming from outside. If anxiety becomes anguish, it is necessary to contact an expert, able to avert any potentially harmful psychosomatic reactions (which can result in a sharp increase in lung ventilation, sweating, heart rate and brain activation, symptoms often accompanied by tremors and nausea). In this way, anxiety risks negatively affecting the patient's quality of life.

To avoid problems such as those just described, it is advisable to intervene on one's habits and, according to the advice of the doctor, to take natural remedies capable of limiting anxiety and the symptoms related to it. Among these is also the

CBD oil

, which is increasingly in demand at herbalists and specialty stores. To learn more click here!

Anti-anxiety foodsAs

is known, the substance par excellence able to combat anxiety and depression is


, a neurotransmitter secreted by the human body and synthesized thanks to tryptophan, an amino acid found in several commonly used foods. Such as? Nuts, dairy products, dark chocolate and some products of the earth such as pineapple, kiwi, plums, bananas, cherries and tomatoes.

Recent research has shown the usefulness in combating anxiety of

omega 3 fatty acids

, present in blue fish (sardines, mackerel, bonito) and some oil seeds such as pumpkin and flax. Similarly, it is worth

avoiding certain foods , capable of worsening the condition of those suffering from anxiety. Foods to limit are tea, coffee and guarana (containing high percentages of caffeine), chocolate (due to the presence of theobromine), alcohol and energy drinks (due to their neuro-stimulating power). The

advice of expertsIn

case of anxiety attacks and stress conditions, it is advisable to rely on the advice of a psychologist, able to investigate the emotional state of the patient and contribute to its rebalancing.

But when does it become necessary to

rely on a psychologist

? Above all in cases of dismissal from work, sudden bereavement, marital abandonment and traumatic events capable of undermining the emotional stability of the person. Among the most useful remedies, instead, there is the


, based on the assumption of some natural extracts, able to lower stress levels and improve relaxation and self-control. The plants most often used are valerian, hawthorn, lemon balm and passion flower.


, instead, consists in the administration of oils and natural extracts such as lavender, lemon balm, chamomile and bitter orange. Finally, a method that is rapidly gaining users is


, a powerful natural remedy derived from hemp and rich in interesting properties, capable of stimulating positive feelings and calming anxiety and stress.

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