The impact of Inverter technology

Inverter technology has been an important advance for air conditioning systems. The benefits provided by this type of apparatus compared to classic air conditioning equipment are multiple and find in energy saving their greatest ally. The strong point of the Inverter is its ability to manage energy consumption, something it achieves thanks to an energy conversion circuit that is much more sensitive to temperature variations. Inverter air conditioning units are capable of modulating the speed at which the compressor works to respond to temperature changes.

In this way, they allow their operation to be adapted to the temperature levels of the different rooms, instead of working with the on and off cycles, as the temperature rises or falls, which is usually the case with more traditional systems. One of the most outstanding aspects of Inverter technology is its ability to make the compressors it incorporates work above or below their power level, something that allows them to adapt much more quickly to the temperature levels desired by the user. In this way, the machines can work 30% above their power and, once the desired temperature has been reached, operate 15% below it, thus maintaining a stable thermal sensation. And all this, making much less noise than air conditioning units that use other types of systems.

What repercussions has the incorporation of Inverter technology had? The most noticeable advance is in the savings, a reduction in energy consumption that, according to experts, can be up to 40% and that together with a much more efficient performance, makes the rooms acclimatize in a much faster way, without sudden changes and also making a lower economic outlay.This type of technology prolongs the life of the machines, as it works by means of a modulation system and not with more abrupt changes of starting and braking of machinery to keep the temperature stable, something that contributes to making the Inverter systems much quieter.

Sheila Salmans
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